Frequently Asked Questions

Can children attend the festival?

No, all guests entering the festival must be 19 or older with a valid photo ID

Can I bring my baby/young child with me into the event?

Children and infants are not permitted under any circumstances, for their own safety and the safety of our guests. We appreciate you understanding that our festival is an adult only event.

Can I bring my dog to the festival?

Sorry, but pets of any kind will not be allowed into the festival, with the exception of service dogs.

Can I bring my own food?

No outside food or drink will be allowed into the festival. We have food vendors available with many options to serve our guests. Water is available inside the festival free of charge.

Is there seating available?

Limited seating is available on-site, we encourage you to bring a chair or blanket to use at the event.

I bought a 2-day ticket but I can only attend for 1-day, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no refunds can be given on tickets, but you can transfer them to another user.

Can I get a refund on any unused drink tokens?

Unfortunately no refunds can be given on tokens, but you can transfer them to another user

Why didn’t you announce last call?

It is against the Peterborough Alcohol Policy to announce last call. The event ends at 11pm on June 14th and 15th. Token sales will end at 10:30pm both nights and last pour is 11:00pm.

Can I leave the festival and come back in?

You will receive a wristband upon entry and you may come and go as you wish when you show your wristband upon re-entry. Do not remove your wristband once inside the Festival. If you’ve purchased a 2-day festival pass, please keep your wristband on for both days.

I don’t drink beer, do I have to pay for a ticket?

Yes, we do provide alternatives to beer such as cider and non-alcoholic options. We also have food vendors, merchandise, live music and games available for all participants.

Festival Beer - on the rocks!

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